Strane is made by and at Smögen Whisky, a small craft distillery on the Swedish west coast, by the salty seafront to the North Sea. We have been producing our malt whisky since 2010 and now we have broadened our portfolio of superior quality craft products with our rather remarkable gin. Just because we do like gin very much as well and that it offers a chance to produce something very different, but in every way just as good.

Strane is thus our proud London Dry Gin, made to make an impression and to offer a distinctive taste, from each very small batch that we produce. Ours is just a tiny 100 litre pot still, so we do not make much. But we do take all the more care of each centiliter of what we do make, using plenty of high quality botanicals for every charge of the still.

We are whisky people at heart, us at Smögen Whisky. So we have applied a whisky approach to making our gin. It is meant to make an impression (told you already!) and making it as best we can, in the ways we know how to, is the best guarantee you can have for getting a product of the highest order.

The launch of Strane commenced in spring 2014 and we trust that it will be a trusted companion to most of those that appreciate their gin and also to some that did not think they could appreciate it. Strane is a little different, a fair bit more and – dare we say so – very good at it too!

Do not hesitate getting in touch with us about Strane or about our Smögen whiskies. We like to have contact with our customers and also want to have your suggestions as to what we can do even better!