Serve Strane just as it is, naked and clear as the morning light. Preferably in a nosing glass or small wine glass, with a narrow rim. Sip, nose, enjoy.

Or, make a stunning Gin & Tonic, something to which Strane is extremely well suited. Merchant strength and Navy Strength are most well suited for this, in our view. Now, with G&T there are as many truths are there are devotees of the drink. However, may we still dare to suggest that for starters, you do use a high quality tonic water like Fentimans, Fever Tree or Thomas Handy, and also that you make sure that the mix is a strong one, with the botanicals of Strane giving their most and the tonic acting in a supporting role. We do, ourselves, suggest taking 2 parts Strane and 3 parts tonic water, plus lots of large ice cubes. Sip with care, just as it was made, do not gulp it down, even though this is very possible (but not the appropriate thing to do, you see).

DryMartiniDry Martini. Yes, Strane was made to be sipped and enjoyed on its own and as a result, it also makes a truly good Dry Martini. But skip the olive in favour of a tiny rind of lemon or orange and also use only Noilly Prat vermouth and very little of it. Wormwood is such a powerful character, from the vermouth, that it must be used with due care and thus in very limited quantities. We do, ourselves, use literally two drops of Noilly Prat to go with 4 cls of either Strane Merchant Strength or Uncut Strength. Make sure it is icy cold and strain off the ice when pouring over in the glass. Add the rind. Enjoy cold, and beware to sip only.